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Aging and jobs, intergenerational conflicts and lack of socioeconomic safety nets. Block Chain with the development of AI, IOT, robot, smart device In the 4th industrial revolution that started with technology, we have to face up to now, We live in an era of upheaval that is forced to be absent.

The monetary system that is most important for modern people who can not lead a life without deciding the quality of life and consuming it is also a bit coin The emergence of virtual money, which has begun to shake up, has been replaced by the introduction of alternative currencies that combine diverse ideas and technologies, It is not used for the payment of the original function but it can realize the idea. Unlike the hopes of good users who believe in the realization of the vision, reality is only used for concealment and speculation of funds for escape, The wavelength is also very unfortunate.

A Plus coin is an encryption currency for payment, and we prepare a master plan and solution that can realize it, and develop the virtual currency We support and strongly support the need for legal regulation in non-detrimental ways.

Based on the technology and philosophy of Bitcoin and Peer Coin, we are not talking about alternative cash (Altcoin) as rhetorical terms, Designed as an alternative currency, it is a decentralized digital cryptography "block chained technology" that maintains trust on the network I am confident that "Creep Tokens" will show far more than the progress and achievements we have shown so far.

The key value we are pursuing is making it easy for anyone to make digital calls through a user-friendly interface, And, suppliers and consumers around the world need to understand the technical and professional details without It is to make it easy for anyone to use as a means of transferring value.

This white paper is filled with A Plus coin's technology, philosophy, and vision for the future.

Purpose of A plus Coin

The philosophy and core value of A Plus coin is that anyone can easily access the digital call through the user-friendly interface and conveniently use it for transferring value and payment A Plus coin's ecosystem is created through the provision of practical services to enable users to participate and to support their participation, cooperation, and platform. Not only in Korea, but also in a myriad of web and app-based platforms that exist all over the world, there are also small points in small shops and local markets, I want to be recognized as a unit.

We will do our best to build and expand our global economic community through ready solutions, platforms, and continuous research and development. A Plus Coin globalization, key exchange of encrypted currencies, construction of social and economic safety net through construction of economic community where participating members can be the owner, We aim to improve the quality of life of our users and contribute to society.

A plus Coin의 Block Chain Technology

A Plus Coin is an alternative currency that will be used for the payment of the global economic community to be built as an ecosystem project. We have introduced block chain technology to pursue excellence. The virtual monetary APN, which is the core of ecosystem building project through block chain technology, The ability to efficiently and securely achieve distributed storage and management of transaction history.

As the name implies, the block chain technology stores distributed policies for all the activities of APNs in the network, So that everyone is able to organize the complete data. In addition to the distributed storage of data in such a block chain, And technical mechanisms to verify tampering and tampering. It is now clear that the application of block-chain technology will become more widespread.

Block Chain Operation Principle (Wallet Generation and Wallet Structure) :

1. APN Wallet : An APN wallet is a set of processes that access each APN address and provide functions to control actions such as deposit, withdrawal, and quantity verification.
2. APN Address : The APN Address consists of a number of letters and numbers. Each APN Address contains the APN quantity.
3. Address produce : Each user can create the address of the APN, and at the same time the Cryptographic key pair is created.
Each of these keys is a private key and a pair of public keys.
4. Private key : This is the public key and the address of the APN that can be disclosed to anyone to request a deposit or withdrawal.
5. Private key : This is an encrypted key that is only visible to the person who created the address and has the privilege not to be disclosed to the other party.

Structure of block chain :

Block-chain data is a distributed led technology that allows a published database to be managed securely. The block-chain database contains all the transactions (transferred in the transfer history and block chain Records of all information) are stored in the form of blocks and stored in the network.

This database is simply connected through a network of servers and computers. Each node (An open distributed ledger that stores data) are connected, and everybody has a copy Download and save.

Nodes will attempt to fetch a set of pending transactions and store them in their own data, At this time, all the nodes connected to the data to be stored want to synchronize with each other.

Every node checks each other's information and stores matching true values in the data, and stored transactions It is written to the block-chain database in the form of blocks.

As shown in the figure above, the block chain database contains the first Genesis block The first block) state to the Block 2 form. At this time, There is an input hash function, and information stored in this hash function is called a hash value I call it. The hash value contains the data of each previous transaction and the data of the block chain recorded in the future. You have. This information is combined into a single long chain, the size of the chain As time goes by, it gradually increases.

Block Chain Operation Principle (transmission) :

1. APN user (A) tries to remit to user (B).
2. The transfer (transaction) is spread online in Block form.
3. Blocks are sent on all APN nodes that exist on the network.
4. The nodes in the network authenticate all transfers (transactions) as true.
5. At this time, the block is recorded in the chain of the network, and the transfer history (transaction) Send to all network nodes
6. The fact that the APN has been transferred from user (A) to user (B) is confirmed.

A Plus Coin is committed to providing this block chain technology to the global economic community, We also carry out research & development for industrial-wide application.

A Plus Coin's block-chaining technology will begin with this big plan and will be And will be positioned as a key feature for all of the services that will be delivered through the Web & Mobile platform.

A plus Coin의 Proof of Work / Proof of Stake Hybrid Design

Currently, electricity used for bit coin mining around the world is about 34,400 MW per day, Ethereum is also 1,220,000 GPU or more It consumes about 1.8 million MW or more of electricity, causing huge amount of carbon dioxide to pollute the global environment. It is true.

As an alternative to the high energy consumption due to the participation of the existing coins in the Proof of Work method, Application and improvement of Proof of Stake system used in Prime coin and peer coin developed in the corresponding developers and papers Through the development of block chaining and network certification, we have solved the energy efficiency challenges, An inexperienced public can have APN (A + Coin) by simply participating in the ecosystem project of A plus coin. The equity verification method provides an opportunity to coin-tect without investing in mining. (See ecosystem creation project)

A Plus Coin uses Proof of Work and Proof of Stake for block chain creation and network maintenance. (Equity verification method) together. After a certain number of blocks have been mined The Proof of Work method is terminated, and from then on, only the mining of the Proof of Stake method Maintenance and transaction confirmation is done. This period is divided into three phases as shown below. 6 months, 1 year, and about 5 to 10 years.

A Plus Coin is a set of blocks that are distributed to the proof of work mining compensation It is divided into three sections according to time.

(1) Proof of Work Phase : Create APN, Mainnet Blockchain & Network Test

Genesis blocks are generated through the mining process of equity verification method, and the A Plus Coin platform At the same time as creating an APN that will be used by enterprises and users, block chain data on Mainnet network Constantly generated.

A total period of six months is the end of the Proof of Work Phase, APNs are classified according to period and quantity. The coins are available at a later date The APNs on the A Plus Coin platform through the Wallet of the corresponding month of the block chain data to be provided We will make it available to anyone to check how much it has been used.
1 Month : Ecosystem composition 400,000,000 APN
2 Month : Business Platform 200,000,000 APN
3 Month : Localization 200,000,000 APN
4 Month : R&D 200,000,000 APN
5 Month : Foundation & Public Investment 200,000,000 APN
6 Month : B to B Alliance solidarity 100,000,000 APN

(2) Ice Age Phase : Distribute APN, Maturing Blockchain Data

Distributing APNs to members through the A Plus Coin platform, progressively being distributed through continuous mining The information of the block chain data is continuously recorded in the block chain in which the transfer information and the record of the APN of the APN are generated Increase maturity to protect. The block compensation during the Ice Age Phase is the time , Accumulating in the network memory pool, and accumulating transaction fees (at least 0.00001) The sum is distributed as compensation.

(3) Pure Proof of Stake Phase : POS Distribute, Maturing Proof of Stake User memory Pool

At the end of the APN distribution and POW data block maturation period of one year, You can get POS interest through A Plus Coin wallet. Of course, at this time, the APN is stored in your wallet and used It should not be.
A plus coin undergoes a one-year, six-month mining process to generate block chains and maintain network during POW and Ice Age Phase. During this period, A Plus Coin creates a block chain and gives community members Stable distribution of APN. Through this, A Plus Coin will provide the basis for the planned ecosystem building project, while at the same time localizing and making the transition to the block-chain system Proof of Stake equity network maintenance method. You are maturing.

Proof of Stake-based proof process does not require many hash results to generate blocks, it has complete distributed environment and autonomy. APN (A + Coin) also guarantees safety against 51% attack.

Our concept of POS (Proof of Work) is to ensure that all stakeholders have minimal benefits. If you do not use a coin, as mentioned above, Pure Proof of Stake Phase, you can get a maximum of 30% per month through the Minting algorithm.

A plus Coin의 Proof of Work Algorithm

To implement a distributed timestamp server on a peer-to-peer basis, you must use a system similar to Adam Back's Hashcash [6]. The proof-of-work can be verified by hashing a JH, Keccak, Skein, and so on, by retrieving a value whose hash starts with 0 bits and finding a value and executing a single hash. For timestamp networks, implement a proof-of-work by incrementing the block's nonce until a value is found that provides the required 0 bits for the block's hash. The performance of the CPU must be maintained to prove the workload and in this case, the block can not be changed unless the task is resumed. When a subsequent block is concatenated, changing the block involves re-executing all the blocks afterwards.
Work proofs also solve the problem of determining representation in the majority of decisions. If the majority is based on one-IP-address-one-vote, anyone who can assign a lot of IP can break in. In fact, the proof of work is essentially one CPU-one-vote.

Most decisions are expressed as the longest chain with the longest working proof effort. If most of the CPU power is controlled by honest nodes, honest chains will grow fastest and outstrip competing chains.

At this point, if the attacker wants to modify a block in the past, he must re-run the block and all the blocks of work after that and then follow and overtake the work of the honest node. Later, you will know later that the probability that the attacker will catch up decreases exponentially when the subsequent block is added.

The difficulty of the proof-of-work is determined by the moving average, which targets the average number of blocks per hour to compensate for the increasing hardware speed and execution of various nodes over time. If the creation rate is too fast, the difficulty becomes bigger. The steps to run the network are:
1) A new transaction is broadcast to all nodes.
2) Each node collects new transactions as blocks.
3) Each node finds a hard work proof for the block.
4) If the node finds a proof of operation, it broadcasts the block to all nodes.
5) The node acknowledges the block only if all the transactions in it are valid and not consumed.
6) The node uses the hash of the allowed block as the previous hash to perform the next block creation in the chain and accepts the block.
A node always considers the longest chain as valid and continues to expand. If two nodes broadcast different versions of another block at the same time, you can receive another node that is in progress first. In this case, they perform the first task they receive, but some nodes may receive either the first or the second. In this case, even if they do the first job they receive, other branches will not be saved if they are longer.

A node working on another branch will switch to a longer branch. At this point, the block broadcast will be sent a message that it has been deleted. A node that has not received a block will continue to request a block until it receives the next block, but it will not know that it will not find the block after all.

A plus Coin's Proof of Stake Design

A Plus Coin is divided into two different types: proof of work and proof of equity.
Figure: Structure of the new block type transaction, proof of equity is a special transaction coin steak (named after the coinbase of the special coin base of the "coinstake" bit coin). In a coin-steak transaction, the block owner pays for himself according to the age and quantity of the currency he holds, while securing the minting authority for block creation and proof of equity for the network. The first input of a coin stake is called the kernel and is required to satisfy a particular hash target protocol by creating a stochastic process of generating a proof block similar to a proof of job.

The key difference, however, is that hashing operations are performed over a limited search space (more specifically, one hash is not consumed per second for wallet output) instead of an unlimited search space as in the proof-of-work. Therefore, it has nothing to do with large energy consumption. The hash target that the kernel stake must meet is the currency age spent per unit, ie, the coin-day of the kernel. Our POS system does not change the target value applied to all nodes, unlike the proof of work of bit coin. Therefore, blocks with more retention periods in the kernel will more easily meet the hash target protocol.
For example, if "A" has a cumulative output of 100 coin years and you want to create the kernel in two days, then "B" can generate a kernel in about a day with a wallet output of roughly 200 coins There is. Our design is consistently tuned much shorter than the two-week co-ordination interval of bitcoin to prevent a sharp jump in network creation rate in both the proof-of-work hash target and the proof-of-hash target.

A plus Coin's encryption algorithm

In the block-chain world, mining uses semiconductor computing devices to find the answer to the toughest problems created by a particular encryption algorithm. Also, for those looking for the first answer in a coin-based network, a certain reward is given to the coin. While many problems have been pointed out with regard to energy consumption efficiency and wealth congestion, the work proof system (POW) is still being used as the most reasonable method of securing the virtual money network and distributing the coins.

The encryption algorithms used for mining A Plus coin are the SHA-3 Hash Competition (security and efficiency, published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC) (Grostl, JH, Keccak, Skein, and BLAKE), which were adopted in the final round, at the end of a five-year public offering, using the commonly used JH and Skein algorithms. The hash function policy page of the Computer Security Resource Center at the bottom and the hash function competition related pdf file can be found in the related hash functions.

A plus Coin fast transaction Confirm rate

Each transaction of A Plus Coin attaches a fee. The minimum fee is set at 0.00001. The problem of bit coin, the leader of virtual currency and the basic currency, is that due to the confusion time of 10 minutes, many transactions occurring in the network are forced to compete in priority competition. There is a delay. Therefore, A Plus Coin dramatically reduces this inefficient transaction time and greatly reduces the Confirmation time by 30 seconds, which is only 10 to 5% of bit coin, allowing many users to quickly send and receive A Plus Coin with low commission .

A plus Coin의 Checkpoint Block chain Data Protection

One of the disadvantages of the method of analyzing and applying the total spent money age to determine the main chain is that it saves time and cost of hacking the entire generated chain of blocks. Nakamoto also introduced Checkpoint equipment in 2010 to prevent the possibility of deformation of some block chains prior to checkpoint and to strengthen the history of the block chain.

Another concern is that not only can costs and time be reduced and saved in connection with hacking attempts, but hackers can also attempt to transform block chains by accumulating currency age and having fixed coins. In order to ensure the safety of transactions, we have reinforced safety by introducing additional checkpoints that allow the blocks to be frozen and the transaction to be completed at a shorter interval and at certain intervals.

The new type of checkpoint is similar to the alarm system of bit coin. Laurie (2011) has argued that the problem of bit-coin checking-pointing mechanisms is not completely solved. We also tried to design a practical distributed checkpoint protocol, but we found that secure security against network segmentation attacks was difficult. Checking While the pointing mechanism is a form of centralization, for practical reasons we need to develop a decentralized solution.
It is imperative to ensure that the denial-of-service block is defended against the type of denial of service attack coin-sake kernel before it is accepted into the local database block tree of each node. Due to the data model of the bit coin node (especially the transaction indicator), the closing of the checkpointing point is required to ensure the functionality of all nodes that verify the connection of each koi stake kernel before accepting the block into the block tree.

As an alternative to the above problem, we decided to use central checking pointing instead of modifying the node's data model. Our solution is to modify the calculation for the retention period (age / age) of the currency that requires the minimum age to calculate the monetary age calculated as "0" for one month.

Because of this, central checking pointing is used to allow all nodes to agree on past transactions one month in the past, allowing the coin stake kernel to verify the connection.

A Plus Coin's Block Signing and Duplicate Share Protocol

Each block copy must be signed by the owner to prevent the stake of the same evidence used by the attacker. The redundant-equity protocol is designed to defend against attackers using a single evidence share that generates a large number of blocks, such as denial of service (DoS) attacks. Each node collects all timestamps above the coin stake deal. If the received block contains duplicates in another previous received block, we ignore the duplicate-share block until the next block is received in the orphan block

Distribution of A plus Coin

We have Bit coin or Alt. Like the coins, they do not rely solely on trading with Mining. We have seen countless cases where existing alternative currencies have lost their presence and faded because they have only secured funds through ICO and distributed it to investors.

In order to secure more users quickly and create an ecosystem, we distribute the developers' A plus coin free of charge to users who want to participate, Mining, holding and coin-tecs, we will support the expansion of human networks of our users, so that we will fulfill our duties for ecosystem and community building.

Even if our marketing strategy can not participate in mining, even if it can not be held through transactions, it is possible to distribute APNs and participate in the creation of ecosystem just by registering as a user on an open platform to anyone, We will compensate with A plus coin according to the performance and role of the activity to reduce the opportunity cost and maximize the efficiency due to the establishment and expansion of the economic community.

We believe that the localization of the global economic community has entered a stage where it is settling to some extent. We believe that the APN will be gradually eradicated and will be invested in social welfare benefits if it is judged by the sympathy of the members. We will continue to reward the dedication of users who contributed to the community development and growth of A Plus Coin, and share the purpose and vision with society.

Trust is the best value we seek.

The rights of users who participate in A plus Coin distribution

Despite its many benefits, I think that anyone who reads this article will feel the overall discomfort of all existing virtual currencies.

We aim to support the creation of a global economic community for users by users and share value with the aim of creating a smooth use environment for A plus coin.

A plus coin is an e-wallet and an app that can be used in real-life situations such as face-to-face (offline), non-face (online) transactions, (APP.) To ensure that you have access to a total business platform that supports the networking, expansion and management of your human resources and enables you to conduct any type of business depending on your capabilities.

Users participating in the ecosystem can be fairly compensated for APN's distribution activities and their consumption decisions according to their contribution and role as well as direct economic benefit through supply and consumption. It is the owner of a global economic community that enjoys benefits such as economic safety nets and is empowered to participate in community decision-making in accordance with regulations.

In the distribution stage of the Pure Proof of Stake Phase, 25% (500 million) dividend income will be guaranteed by the system depending on the holding period and the amount of stocks through automatic mining. Therefore, investing in ICO of virtual currencies, You can be provided with a clearer and greater chance of CoinTech.

Alliance solidarity

Anyone who wants to run a separate online / offline business on the premise of accepting our intent and purpose will be able to use A plus coin and related source code as well as a total business platform and ERP Enterprise Resource Planning) at no cost and promise to work with you whenever you need technical assistance and development of solutions.

Particularly, it can be said that the cooperation and solidarity among associations, organizations, and communities that are actively seeking to revitalize the small businesses, towns, social enterprises, cooperatives, and many other human resources that are experiencing difficulties in marketing, We welcome you (see Allied Solidarity)


As the number and frequency of users participating in the APN distribution activities are increased, the target economic community (ecosystem) is activated, the market power of the community is increased, and the APN, which is used as a legalization of the community, This will enable the development of a global economic community that is a common vision, as well as the achievement of individual users' goals.

We hope that APN will be accepted as an exchange medium with a certain value even in countless web and app-based platforms that exist in the world. It is recognized in businesses, small shops and local traditional markets, and is more convenient than real money in real life I want to be used. We believe that the members who participate in the community will be able to reduce the cost of start-up, reduce the burden of funding and marketing, and increase the entrepreneurial will of the participants and increase the possibility of success. We will create an opportunity to solve social conflicts and problems that are inflated by vitality.

We (Apple network & Platform) are making research and development for optimal and best system construction while disclosing APN that complemented technological limitations revealed in the development of block chain and cryptographic technology. We will continue to make efforts to improve the block chain technology, to develop next-generation financial services, to play a leading role in the healthy development of virtual money, and to enable A plus coin with Satoshi Nakamoto Thanks to Sunny King and Scott Nadal of Project Peer Coin. A Plus Coin is a union with the spirit of Wonhyeonghyeong, which means a better, bigger one, not one but one that does not undermine each identity through communication and harmony, We will do our best to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by sharing love through sharing and communicating with people based on the philosophy of cloud power, which means voluntarily adding strength to achieve common goals.

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