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Bit coin, as well as most of the block chain-based Alt coin, (Environment of use) Despite its absolute importance, it relies solely on users.

Bit coin, which is used as the base currency of virtual currencies, It is only accepting payments, and it is also used in settlement only in very few stores. Reality.

For this reason, despite the tremendous potential of block chains and cryptography to lead the fourth-industry era, Unlike the purpose of issuing the alternative currency, it is used in an undesirable direction such as investment or illegal funds escape And the law of regulating discipline such as the absence of the opportunity to mimic the fake virtual currency issued by the explosion of professionalism The damage to the general public and the social waves that do not have knowledge are small, and the extent to which the existing economic order is threatened As a result, governments are in a hurry to legislate.

A + Coin believes that legislation and regulation are necessary for the healthy development of virtual money with enormous potential. We are fully prepared to fully accept the relevant legislation to be actively agreed and prepared, Feature that enables differentiated mobile platforms (wallets) to run any type of business We are preparing a business platform.

A + Coin is not a substitute currency (Alt coin) as a rhetorical term, but a perfect alternative currency (payment encryption currency) Enabling users to network and extend their own and interdependent human resources through experience As a result, A + Coin's ecosystem can be used to create a global economic community that can be used in everyday life. We will build social and economic safety net of members through shared values and empathic communication, We want to make a little contribution to solving the polarization problem and play a leading role in the development of sound encryption and block chain technology. What I want to do is A + Coin is the purpose and purpose of this project.

Benefits for project participants (common)

“articipating in this project means participating in A + Coin's ecosystem.”

Executives involved in the development of A + Coin will be able to use the APIs (Application Programming Interface) (Common practice), all of A + Coin has been actively promoted to create a successful ecosystem, I want to use it as financial resources to attract interest.

At present, A + Coin is traded and exchanged on A- (A plus Crypto currency exchange) If you distribute A + Coin free of charge to all participating members and introduce your project based on your own experience, Provide separate commission for each role.

“Joining as a member of the project rather than holding it through mining, exchanging and purchasing, Coin tech. More to do…. !”

A + Coin Of course, everyone is open to the source code to participate in mining, but there is no professional knowledge The general public also supports the possession of A + Coin by joining as a member, and promotes ecosystem, economic commonality, A + Coin You can get A + Coin every time you get to know the purpose and vision of encrypted currency and A + Coin through the data. You can experience the alternative monetary A + Coin you own and which will be used as the base currency of the community.

For those users who wish to have a certain period of time separately, the interest will be allocated according to the quantity and duration of the reservation. therefore A + Coin is more efficient by participating and acting as a member in this project than profit that can be obtained by mining, exchanging and purchasing. And the value shared by members and the exchange value of A + Coin will increase in proportion to the expansion of the community You will be able to experience the benefits of coin tech.

The following commissions are paid to support the promotion of project members.”

A + Coin is a network of public relations, A + Coin distribution management, economic community building and human resource management for ecosystem creation, empathy communication and shared income Transparent distribution management and asset management, welfare mall, development and management of related solutions and platforms for business support of the community and its members. I am commissioned to the agency ace platform (

How to participate in the project

A + Coin wants to create an ecosystem, to effectively manage and expand the global economic community, and to designate a nominee when signing up to help members spread and manage their networks. Members who wish to participate can join the A + Coin homepage (, ecosystem project homepage (, My page to introduce myself, and mobile platform (wallet) from Google Play Store or App Store And the member transmits his or her URL or QR code generated by My Page -> pride to SNS or e-mail to an interdependent applicant. At the same time, three A + Coins are provided free of charge and can participate in ecosystem building activities.

Benefits for users participating as community members

Membership qualifications are divided into general members and active members who are members of the community. A + Coin We will allocate an additional A + Coin by evaluating the contribution and role corresponding to 50% of the total amount.

Active members can be rewarded with a mediocre profit for their purchasing decisions through A + Coin's business platform. It will be an opportunity to run a platform business based on human resources rather than a production / technology base called global economic community. It enables you to carry on a business that can sustain sustainable growth, and as a master of the community, You will be guaranteed the right to share the value of the community, such as increased market value due to purchasing power.

Above all, during the holding period, it is possible to pay dividends of 2% per month, In the Pure Proof of Stake Phase, that is, at the distribution stage, the total number of issues The huge dividend yield of 25% (500 million) is fully guaranteed by the system reflected in the coin design, You can invest in ICO and get Coin Tech opportunities that are more certain than waiting for your coin to be distributed.

The nature and vision of the community to build on the ecosystem

The model of the community we seek is the largest cooperative in the world and more than 120 individual unions with 74,000 members Participated in the production and distribution of 257 individual companies, with assets of 40 trillion won and sales of 109 billion euros (about 14 trillion won) It is a group of companies that operates a bank of universities and research institutes. It is a synonym for cooperatives that have grown themselves without government or outside support. A symbol of social economy! They are a group of Mondragon cooperatives called the Mondragon Cooperative Group (MCG) Furthermore, we aim to become a global cyber community Virtual Nation that is not limited to local areas.

We are users, that is, members' experience, knowledge, innovation. Autonomous and democratic in accordance with democratic principles and universality of upward consensus through empathic communication By building an independent community and expanding the unified business base through alliance solidarity, and by creating employment and innovating the distribution structure To develop beneficial and competitive social business models, to support start-ups, to promote sustainable growth potential, And to stimulate the vitality of the national economy.

Our developers and executives promise transparent sharing of real-time information, fair distribution based on contribution and role, It is hoped that the establishment of economic safety nets will provide a starting point for various social problems, We are aiming for social change.

Encourage and join in the steps for a world that lives well together.
Thank you.

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