A Plus Coin

Human Resource Based
Platform Business.

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robot, etc ...
The market of virtual currency has opened wide, starting with bit coin in a radical changing social environment.

Now, A Plus Coin, which is the beginning of virtual currency where people are central, opens up.

We are building a user-centered platform among hundreds of virtual
currencies and aiming for an economic community
that will live together with a voluntary membership growth system.


Based on an easy-to-use app interface Not a way to solve complex equations A unique mining method that acquires virtual money through learning A Plus Coin is unique.


Beyond bit coin and etherium Platform and system It will grow into virtual money attracting attention in the world.

'Money' is not the owner but 'human' is the master In addition, we are growing into a culture and economic community living together. It will spread to the world.


The beginning of a new monetary revolution

Ace Platform

A+Coin is..

Build a platform for everyone to use freely and through SNS A Plus Coin by steadily increasing membership Value also continues to rise.

Members are encouraged to participate in A Plus Coin Increase users with referrals, increase the value of coins A circle of virtuous cycles will be created.

Through it, we make the world's first virtual currency and the money is shared Our lives will get 'freedom from money'.

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